Cattery Berka
We love the Siberian Cat



If you send us an email, please include your phone number in the message.
Sometimes an email address does not work properly and we cannot reach you in any other way,
a telephone number is very useful in such cases.


Our adress:


Cattery Berka

Ellen van den Berg-Kappenburg
Klipper 15
The Netherlands


You can reach us by phone on the numbers:

+31 (0)36-5297671
+31 (0)6-14711079

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Travel directions:

Because nowadays everyone has a navigation in the car or on the telephone, we only explain the last part. We live on the corner of the Klipper and the Punter, because the front doors are on the side of the houses, there is sometimes confusion. Klipper 15 is the house next to Klipper 13, with the front door on the Punter. When you get there, get the explanation :-)