Cattery Berka
We love the Siberian Cat



The kittens of Shifra are born on September 18, 2015, click here for info and photo's
The kittens of Nemesis are born on September 25, 2015, click here for info and photo's

all the kittens from both litters have found a new home, but we expect kittens from our Lemon any day now.


General information about our kittens:

Both parents are tested for HCM, PKD, CIN, PKDef, FeLV and FIV and PL!

The kittens are growing up in our livingroom. When they are big enough they have our complete house to their disposal.
They grow up between our Siberian cats, German shepherd, Chihauhau and our two children.
Of course also between the sound of the TV, vacuum cleaner, cooker hood and so on. They are a part of our family. Furthermore they can play as much as they want with all the cat toys and climb in and scratch to the different cat trees.

They have their food and water (when they are old enough) with a sleeping place and a litter box in a special kitten space in the livingroom, of wich the door always stands a little bit open. We have this space so the dogs can not eat the kitten food.

The kittens may go to their new home after the age of 13 weeks (when moved to other countries, wiht the age of 16 weeks, due to Rabies vaccination).
The costs of one kitten are € 700,00 (when he/she will be a house cat/pet) this is without the extra costs for moving abroad. For breeding, please contact us.

The kittens are transferred with:

  • a pedigree (NLKV)
  • European passport with health declaration of the veterinarian
  • several times dewormed
  • twice vaccinated
  • identification chip
  • a transfer agreement
  • and you get kitten food for the first days

All our cats eat dry cat food from Royal Canin, and meat from Applaws (100% natural cat food without artificial preservatives, colors or flavor enhancers).
The kittens eat Royal Canin Babycat 34 dry cat food and meat from Applaws.

By giving good feeding, a clean and safe environment, love, attention, care, a bit education and the required veterinarian care, I work on a good start of living, from perhaps your new household member!