Cattery Berka
We love the Siberian Cat



we are member of the cat association:

Nederlandse Langhaarkatten Vereniging: NLKV

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The Veterinary Specialist Center we go to for the HCM, PKD and CIN tests. And other matters who need a specialist.
Drs. Mariëtte Vink-Nootenboom is "our" specialist for the ultrasounds.
CombiBreed is a part of VHL (Dr. van Haeringen Laboratorium). Here we do our DNA tests for blood group determination, hereditary diseases and color profiles.
Stichting On Behalf Of The Siberian Cats, for information, not an active page anymore


Petplan, animal health insurance

When a kitten moves out, we provide a health insurance from this insurer for one month free of charge. Only in the Netherlands.
You can also opt for health insurance for one year, which we can arrange for you at a substantial discount! Also only possible in the Netherlands.
Ohra, animal health insurance

As our customer, you will receive a one-off refund of € 10 if you take out pet insurance with OHRA. After taking out the insurance, go to Enter your details here and state our name in the form. OHRA will then transfer € 10 to you once.



Cattery Of Kymaya's Place, Suzanne Versluis
Cattery Aida's, Diane and Ad

Cattery Amaye, Sharina van Ommeren
our Berka's Lynn lives here.

Cattery Iz Primorskij, Liridon's Ice was born here
Sibirer vom Kirnbach Cattery Sibirer vom Kirnbach, Ch. Berka's Mirko lives here, and Nemesis was born here.
Cattery Duma Cara*PL Hopsa was born here.
Cattery Forest*star Siberians, Ch. Berka's Black Pearl has lived their.