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After our young cats had been in heat, yesterday "finally" Blue was in heat too. Today Faran picked up at Suzanne (he lives there almost the whole year togheter with other males). After recovering from the trip, he thought it was time for company. He didn't waste any time and the first mating was a fact. They stay together for a while until Blue isn't in heat anymore. In about 4 weeks we will know if the date has led to a pregnancy :-)

Everyone on the list of interested parties has been informed about this by e-mail. If you are on the list and have not received anything, please check your spam box. If you received nothing at all, please contact us.


On Boxing Day, Selima moved to her new home. We wish Astrid lots of fun, love and happiness with lovely sweet Selima.


Today Natalka, our new addition from Poland, arrived. She will have to get used to her new environment and the cats and dogs here.

November 2020

We have updated the English section of our website, we have not translated the news items in this time section as it is "old news". If you want to see what happened, you can view the Dutch part of our website with a translation machine.


Nemesis gave birth to 4 lovely kittens, one was born death, the other three are doing very well.


Shifra gave birth to 4 lovely kittens.


Yes, we are sure, Shifra and Nemesis are pregnant :-)


The cat association Saint Pro Cat, where we are member of from the start of our cattery, is unfortunately bankrupt. So we had to look for a new cat association. Having compared all, we chose the NLKV.


Today we picked up Nemesis at Suzannen. Nemesis and Pahtrussko were also close friends. After some busy days, they lay cozy together as a couple in love. Now waiting for the first signs of pregnancy :-)


With the help of Jacky Schrijn (who always takes care of everything, when we go on holiday) and Suzanne Versluis (of Cattery Off Kymaya's place, who owns the two males we were allowed to use this time) we were able to execute the swap trick .

Ofcourse Nemesis decided to become back in heat precisely during our holiday , hi hi. So today Suzanne brought Shifra to our house and took Nemesis back home for her date with Pahtrussko. Jacky welcomed Shifra with open arms and had taken care of Nemesis, so she was ready for her journey with Suzanne.

Hereby I want to thank you both again so much for the extra effort :-)


During the first time Shifra and Dimitrov were together, there have been no successful matings. Shifra saw Dimitrov and immediately she took Dimitrov under her paw as a mom who protects her kitten. Well then you are immediately not so in heat anymore.

Just in time before our holiday Shifra was in heat and we brought her back to her boyfriend Dimitrov. Suzanne (owner of Dimitrove) placed them in another surrounding to get rid of the "mother feelings" ;-)) and yes, party! They practiced a lot, Shifra screamed and rolled. In good spirits, we are now waiting for the first signs of pregnancy.


There are often contrasts in life, also in our cattery. After the loss of a life, new life comes back in sight.
Shifra is in heat, so today we brought to her date. Shifra and Dimitrov could immediately find well together, though both found it very exciting.
Although Shifra is an experienced mother cat, this is her first mating not at home. So all very exciting.

Dimitrov is still a young guy, and has never seen a lady from outside his cattery, only his trusted women he grew up with. So for him a whole new experience. The more it was an endearing sight, that she immediately found support from each other :-) Now we will have to have patience and wait.


A very sad day for us. Today we said goodbye to our dear Ice. We are devastated. The days until this day have been exhausting, you know you have to do it, there is no way out :-(
Now we can take the time, to try giving it a place in your mind en heart and dwell on the good memories, so that the warmly place in our hearts will stay filled with beautiful and sweet memories of Ice.


The new plans for the upcoming litters are "final". Everything is tested and pedigrees unraveled. You see that despite all the careful preparations, you have to be flexible, nothing is final until it has been done.


Today we went to the Wagenrenk for the HCM and PKD tests , with Lord Ice Siburcat, Berka's Lemon, Berka's Nemesis vom Kirnbach and Berka's Mr. O'Malley.
All HCM and PKD results were good.
Only with our Ice something was terribly wrong :-(
To our great sorrow and dismay, Ice got during the PKD research the diagnosis CIN and lymphoma cancer. Found during the ultrasound and confirmed by a biopsy. And all that on his first birthday.


Today we brought Berka's Quintana (Quintie) at the family Bultman in Nunspeet. There she's going to live with Berka's Pepper and Berka's Mister B. (Banjer). We hope she endures the move and the settling down well, and that she is nice stable with her autoimmune disease and has a long and happy life.


An unknown phone call, a woman asks gently "may it be that you have bred a cat named Mr. O'Malley?"
And so began a new chapter in the life of our O'Malley. Of rescue, quarantine, semi quarantine, further recovery, medication, surgery, testing and research. More information is available on its own page (which is now in the making)


With deep sadness we have had to decide to euthanize our Erik.
Under the heading In Memory you can read what was going on.


Quintana has been sterilized. It was a bit scary due to her auto immune illness, but she is doing fine, and everything went as planned.


Shifra was pregnant of our Erik. Sadley she gave birth two weeks early. Unfortunately, the kittens are not developed enough to be viable, although they still did a brave, hopeless :-( attempt. With the same care as usual, but with much sadness instead of joy, I have coached the birth. There were no abnormalities, so we suspect that the escape of Shifra (a few days before) is the cause. A few hours later Shifra was "back to normal".
Something I needed more time for.


"We are in the paper" with an article of our cattery.
Two pages big, I am so proud :-)

If you click on the picture you get a larger format.


Today we went to pick up our future tomcat in Poland :-) We are so excited. His name is Lord of the Ice Siburcat.


All kittens of Nemesis (except Lemon, she stays with us) are moved out to their new owners.


Berka's Kenzie's Blue Moon has moved to her new home with Rob and Rowan in Utrecht.


The kittens of Nemesis are born. 5 sweet little kittens she put on the world.


3 weeks after "getting herself pregnant", Hopsa was behaving weird. We went to the vet for an Ultrasound, and found a uterus infection. Luckily we were so quick, that she could be sterilized without any complications. Thankful she is still with us!


Today we went to pick up our future tomcat in Poland :-) We are so excited. His name is Lord of the Ice Siburcat.


All kittens of Nemesis (except Lemon, she stays with us) are moved out to their new owners.


Berka's Kenzie's Blue Moon has moved to her new home with Rob and Rowan in Utrecht.


The kittens of Nemesis are born. 5 sweet little kittens she put on the world.


3 weeks after "getting herself pregnant", Hopsa was behaving weird. We went to the vet for an Ultrasound, and found a uterus infection. Luckily we were so quick, that she could be sterilized without any complications. Thankful she is still with us!


The vet has confirmed what we already thought, Shifra is pregnant from Erik, the kittens are expected August 21, 2013.


Hopsa gave birht to 4 beautiful kittens. Well done girl!


Oh it is so lovely again, to feel the kittens move in Hopsa's belly :-) . In about two weeks we will see what Hopsa and Erik "made".


There she is, Berka's Nemesis vom Kirnbach. Just observe everything, and especially getting used to the crazy big cas that do not meow ;-) (our German Shepherd)


A new queen is comming :-) . Today it is officially, Berka's Nemesis vom Kirnbach will come and live with us on May 11th 2013. We are so happy. Thank you Sandra and Roland. Nemesis is a beautiful black and white cow :-) and is the daughter of Berka's Mirko (son of Hopsa and Erik) and Andra vom Kirnbach.


Erik, Hopsa and Shifra went to Wageningen for their HCM test. Everything healthy :-)


We have done some tests on Erik, Hopsa en Shifra. They have been tested for FeLV, FIV (again) and we send their blood for doing a DNA color package. For Erik we tested his blood group to. He has blood group A.

We have to wait a bit little longer for the results of the DNA color packages , so that will follow.

The kittens of Hopsa are moving out starting today. Miss Jagger moved out today, on 11-12-2011 Mister B. and Amoer are moved out and Tasha moved out a bit later on 17-11-2011. All much fun with your new roommate!
Today all four kittens of Shifra's are moved into their new home. All much fun with your new roommate!
For the first time in the cat carrier and in the car to the vet. It's time for the second vaccinations and check-up and of course for the chipping of the kittens of Shifra. All again healthy, always good to hear!
The vet visited us again, but this time for the first vaccinations and check-up of the kittens of Hopsa. Yes they too are 9 weeks old! All four came through the check -up with flying colors and the kittens of Hopsa also made no sounds of pain during the vaccination, tough kittens too!
The vet has visited for the first vaccinations and check-up of the kittens of Shifra. Yes, they are already 9 weeks old! Time flies. All four came through the check -up with flying colors and no sounds of pain during the vaccination, tough kittens though!
Great was our grief when early in the morning we found a boy fighting for his life. After two hours he was past away. Aautopsy revealed that his stomach was torn with all its consequences. So he had a lot of bad luck when after good drinking, mother (or perhaps one of the other cats) had stand or lie on top of him.
Just before the end of the day on the 13th of September 2011 (between 22:00 en 24:00) Hopsa gave birth to her kittens! 5 beautiful Siberian kittens :-) Erik is also the proud father of this litter.
No surprises this time, a beatiful litter of 4 kittens!

Shifra gave birth to 4 beautiful Siberian kittens today. Erik is the proud father. You can find all the information on the page: kittens/current litter(s). Tomorrow morning we'll see if it stayed 4 or that Shifra has one more surprise in store (like the last time).


It has taken some time to find the right "format" for our In Memoriam page. A place for the Siberian cats from our cattery who are no longer among us. Who died young or old. An additional place where we, the owners and also the people who have never met these lovely Siberians will be reminded to them.


Shifra is pregnant, she got nice pink nippels and sleeps a lot. We expect the kittens around the end of August.


Today, Jacky went to the show with Berka's Bo-J (kitten 1ste litter of Shifra and Erik) they gained their 3th CAP point so now he is Premior!! So proud of you both!


Shifra is tested again for HCM and she had a perfect result on her test! All well!


Berka's Mirko went to his second cat show in Germany and has been again nominated for Best in Show. Great!!

Berka's Bo-Jangles went to the cat show in Nijmegen, he earned his second CACP. We proudly congratulate Jackie Schrijn and J-Bo with the results!

Berka's Black Pearl went to her first cat show in America, she became the second best Siberian kitten and second best color. We proudly congratulate Michelle Nelson and Black Pearl with the results!
Berka's Chim Chim Cheree went by plane to her new owners in Las Vegas. The trip went well and Cheree has held up well. Soon she was accustomed to her new surroundings and she purrs and cuddles a lot.
Berka's Mirko went to his first cat show in Germany, he has his first CACP point and has been nominated for Best in Show. We proudly congratulate Sandra en Roland and Mirko with the results!
All the kittens except for Cheree have moved to their new owners. Cheree flies on the 9th of September to her new owners.
Kittens are vaccinated for the second time today and they also got their Microchip. They are all checked again by the vet. They are all in good condition and all 100% okay!
Kittens are vaccinated for the first time today. Also they are all checked by the vet. They are all in good condition and all control points were all right.

kittens are dewormed for the third time today.


Kittens are dewormed for the second time today.


Kittens are dewormed for the first time today.


The kitten have been checked by the vet for their gender. I thought at first that there were 3 male kittens. But later on, they changed more and more. The swelling was gone and there were two girls more. So the vet confirmed my suspicions.
Now I know for sure that the litter consists out of 5 females and 1 male.


The kitten are trying to take the stap into the "new section" of the kitten cage. They are starting to play around with each other. And if you tickle on their tummy, they play with us to, ha ha.

Fortunately Jo-Jo is already getting better. She had a very hard time the first day and a half. But now it seems to go well.


Jo-Jo had surgery again, unfortunately. The sterilization (castration actually) was not quite gone well the first time. There was a tiny piece of ovarian tissue left behind and that has become active again. So we had a cat in heat, and Erik was enjoying it of cause.

She is now recovering from major surgery. They had to look through her whole belly for a piece of tissue. The uterus has been taken away to, so there will be no problems in the future. We hope that she recovers again soon!


All the eyes of the kittens are open. Photo's from the third week have been added.

The first kittens have opend their eyes. They are growing well, as you can see at the pictures.
The kittens are growing very goeed, the milk flow is started very well.
Unfortunately, there is a kitten (number 5) of Hopsa deceased. It was not going all right with her. She appeared to have a cleft palate.
The pages concerning the kittens have been updated. Have fun watching it!
Today Hopsa gave birth to 7 kittens, compleet from head to toe. Photo's and information comes saterday.

Hopsa is checked for pregnancy. And yes, a belly full of lively kitttens of about 4 weeks!
The kittens are expected around the thirth of May 2010.

Naughty Erik is not to stop when he knows that there is a cat into heat. He pushed garbage cans on the side, and locked cat shutters are pushed open with force, just to be with his girl!

Today Erik and Hopsa had their standard HCM test. Both cats had perfect result.

Shifra has gained her second CACIB point at the show in Apeldoorn.
I showed for my friend her Berka's Bo-Jangles and he gained his first CAP point.


Shifra and Erik both have a CACIB point gained at the show in Aalsmeer. Shifra has won the BIV for the Siberian silvers. And they are both nominated for BIS. A successful day for us.


Several pages have been updated, also the pages with photos.


The new layout of the website is now into use. With this layout, I hope that it is even easier to find the pages you are looking for. The background is now in a solid color so that the readability is easier. The menu has undergone the most changes.

Jo-Jo is now neutered. The operation went well and now she is recovering.

week 1 and 2
of 2010

Erik and Hopsa have spent two weeks long?! to make new beautiful kittens. We hope that everything went successful and eagerly we await the coming weeks whether Hopsa is pregnant.


Shifra is Champion! Today Shifra achieved her third CAC! We are proud to mention that Shifra is our third cat who bears the title of Champion!


Today I went to the Felinotechnisch Symposium 2009 in Eindhoven. A big journey given the road closures, but very rewarding!
My knowledge has increased about the topics:
- Liability,
- the fertility of the cat,
- the difference between spraying and uncleanliness in cats,
- control of Filin infextieuze peritonitis (FIP) in a cattery,
- treatment options for skin fungal infections in cats.
All explained by nice expert speakers.
Am very curious what subjects they have next year .


Erik is also Champion! Today, Erik has achieved his third CAC! We are proud to mention that Erik as from now bears the title of Champion!


We are proud to mention that Hopsa as from today may bear the title of Champion!


Also very proud, I congratulate Jacky Schrijn and Berka's Bo-Jangels on passing their first U1, BIV and BIS nomination!