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Ch. Hopsa Duma Cara*PL

Hopsa Duma Cara


father: CH Narcissus Panna
mother: CH Daria z Powis´la

she is Black smoke with (a little bit) white (SIB ns 09). Click here for her pedigree.
born April 13, 2005

gen.code: aa BB CC Dd Ii Ss ww oo ll

She has been tested on    
HCM, PKD and CIN by Ultrasound in 2007, 2010, 2012, 2018 and 2019
FeLV, FIV SNAP test in 2007, 2010, 2012 and 2014
and checked for patella luxation by our vet


DNA color profile by Blood September 10, 2012
dilution D/d
Burmese (cb) N/N
Siamese (cs) N/N
agouti a/a
Cinnamon N/N

No information about test from parents

Hopsa lives with us since 26-08-2007.


She is spayed on 20-02-2014. Hopsa has been a good mother to her kittens and still a very caring "grandmother" to all other kittens.

Hopsa is our second Siberian cat. She was rehomed to us on August 26, 2007 from Sandra Angeren. Sandra, thank you again, she enriches our family.

Hopsa is a beautiful cat. She has a beautiful coat and beautiful color. She has beautiful green eyes, although you can't see that very well in this picture. She is very sweet and likes to sit on your lap. She also loves our children, she likes to be petted by our kids! If you don't come to her, she will come to you herself. Hopsa is also a good mother to her kittens. And Jo-Jo is also allowed to socialize with the kittens, it seems like a large family.

Because both cats (Jo-Jo and Hopsa) were already two years old when Hopsa came to live with us, we had to wait and see if it would click. We couldn't have wished for better. Within a week Hopsa and Jo-Jo were good friends and she also has a nice bond with the dogs. Hopsa has been living with us since August 26, 2007.

Hopsa is a cat who loves attention and cuddling. If you walk by and "forget" to pet your hair, she kindly helps you remember by tapping her paw against you. Because she likes to sit on your lap so much, she is also often used in our allergy tests. Hopsa is kind to everyone.

update 15-01-2021, Despite her age of over 15.5 years, Hopsa is still the linchpin in our group. She takes it a little easier and does not arrange everything. But if she thinks it is not exaptable what happens, she goes to the other cats and tells them who is boss and what she thinks about it, like a real mother superior.

Even though she was nutered years ago, she is still "in heat" around the house, meowing and dragging with a toy in her mouth. Now that we have kept 2 kittens (Bubbles and Harley Quinn) she has decided to wean them to our great "irritation". Both are encouraged by Hopsa to come and drink her (without milk) even now that they are already 9 months old. Well, you can't get the mothering out at Hopsa anymore ;-)


For more photo's of Hopsa click here.


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