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Aphrodite van Typhon Blue (Jo-Jo)


Aphrodite van Typhon blue (Jo-Jo)


father: Flesz Duma Cara
mother: Mica van de Gorthoek

she is red silver tabby mackerel
born July 29, 2005

She carries dilution and agouti.

She has been tested on  
HCM, PKD and CIN Ultrasound
and checked for patella luxation by our vet

information parents, dad tested on HCM, PKD,CIN, FIV and FeLV
mom no information

Jo-Jo lives with us since 7-11-2005.

She is spayed on 27-01-2010. Jo-Jo has been a good mother to her kittens and even for those of Shifra.

This is our first Siberian cat. (on this picture she is pregnant from her first litter.)
At the age of 13 weeks, she came to live with us.

We have named her Aphrodite. Aphrodite is a Greek goddess. She is the goddess of love, sexuality and fertility. As first female cat in our Cattery, we find it a beautiful and appropriate name.

Of course that calls not so easy, therefor we call her Jo-Jo. A name wich our children in the beginning pronounced as yoyo.

She is a splendid Siberian female, with a beautiful fleece. She is affectionate and watches everything well. She is not a lap cat who lies the complete day at you, but when she wants she comes for a nice cuddle. Meanwhile she has proven to be a good mother.

Our children love her and Jo-Jo also gladly plays with our children. In the beginning she played with our two German shepherds. We often asked ourselves the question or the dog thinks that he is a cat, or that Jo-Jo thinks that she is a dog, but it is always nice to see how they play with each other!
Meanwhile Jo-Jo has a new girl friend, Hopsa (and the dogs now have to do it with some less attention). After a week they were inseparable, real heart friends. They run sometimes with their tails around each other by the house.

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