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Berka's Nemesis vom Kirnbach


father: GIC Berka's Mirko (son of our Erik and Shifra)
mother: GEC Andra vom Kirnbach

she is Black Smoke with white Bicolour (SIB ns 03) Click here for her pedigree.
born on February 9, 2013

She carries colorpoint (cs) and no dilution

She has been tested on:  
HCM, PKD and CIN Ultrasound
and checked for patella luxation by our vet

Both parents and both grandparents from both sides are tested on: HCM, PKD, CIN, FeLV, FIV

Nemesis lives with us since 11-05-2013.



Nemesis will be our 5th Siberian. At the time we make her page she is 4,5 weeks old and lives with her mother Andra and her brother and two sisters at Sandra and Roland in Germany. We follow her closely, and on May 11, 2013, we can pick her up. Step by step we will fill her page :-)

For some years now I am looking for a cat with a lot of white. A blue tortie smoke with lots of white was on the wish list. Also keeping a kitten from our Erik and Hopsa was on the wish list. Now our Hopsa is a bit difficult to mate (she goes lying on her side), it is debatable whether they will get another litter.

And then it happened. One day I looked on Facebook and saw a photo. Immediately I fell in love! Hey, I thought, this kitten comes from Sandra and Roland Luth. Let's see who the parents are. And that was the second surprise, it was a kitten of "our" Mirko with Andra (a cat I already times super nice find). So suddenly very many points of two wish lists could be merged :-)

Nemesis is a friendly and playful Siberian. Gave us Lemon in her first litter. Together they have lots of fun, and she gets along with everybody.

For more photo's of Nemsis click here.

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