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Ch. Shifra van 't Wieltje


Shifra van 't Wieltje


father: Rossity Boris
mother: CH Amelia Romantic East-Heart

she is Black tortie smoke (SIB fs). Click here for her pedigree.
born on 11-05-2008

She carries dilution and colorpoint (cs)

She has been tested on:  
HCM, PKD and CIN ultrasound
and checked for patella luxation by our vet

Both her parents are tested on HCM, PKD, CIN, FeLV and FIV

Shifra lives with us since 1-08-2008.



Shifra is a playful kitten, at first she was a bit cautious and shy, and after a while she became super enthusiastically and inquisitive! Always in for a game, with or without us. She loves to lie on your lap when I'm on the computer. And she snors you almost deaf when you enjoy pet her. She is unther the " care" of my daughter and the two are real buddies. She can practicaly fold Shifra double, and Shifra prefers to lie on Ambers bed ;-)

We have named her Shifra. Shifra is a Jew maiden name with the meaning 'lovely/beautiful'. Her colours are realy magic, always changing. We are very curious how they will turn out to be.

Her first litter (with Erik as father) was very beautiful, with lots of long hair!


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