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Our male Siberian Cats

On this page, we like to present our Siberian tomcat to you.

At the moment we do not have our own male at home, but we are co-owners of a male together with two other catteries, namely Cattery Of Kymaya's Place (Suzanne Versluis) and Cattery Adia's (Diana IJpelaar).

Our co-owned male


Faran Serebryanaya Mechta


Ozar Serebryanaya Mechta

mother: Sibirskaya Znat' Halva

He is Black silver tabby blotched
born May 18, 2018

He has been tested on:  
Blood group N / N = A, does not carry a b allele (DNA test August 8, 2020)
HCM, PKD and CIN by ultrasound (June 6, 2019 and January 29, 2021)
PKDef N/N by DNA (based on blood August 8, 2020)
FeLV, FIV SNAP test (June 17, 2020)
and checked for patella luxation by our vet


For more information, you can click on his photo.

Faran has been living with Suzanne Versluis from October 2018.




Below, you see the photos of our own former males (more information per male can be found under Former breeding cats, or click on their photo).
Sadly, not all our males have been given the opportunity to bring us offspring.


Ch. Erik z Veveří, CZ

Berka's Mr. O'Malley


Liridon's Ice Iz Primorskij

Lord of the Ice Siburcat

Uki-Blue Siburcat