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Faran Serebryanaya Mechta




Ozar Serebryanaya Mechta

mother: Sibirskaya Znat' Halva

Born May 18, 2018 in Rusland, Click here for his pedigree.
he is Black silver tabby blotched (SIB ns 22)

gen.code: AA BB CC D- Ii ss tbtb oY ll

He has been tested on:    
Blood group N/N = A, doesn't carry b allele August 8, 2018 based on blood
HCM, PKD and CIN by ultrasound June 6, 2019
PKDef N/N by DNA August 8, 2018 based on blood
FeLV, FIV SNAP test June 17, 2019
and checked for patella luxation by our vet


DNA based on phenotype, lineage and progeny, except Siamese and Agouti
Delution D/?
Burmese (cb) N/N
Siamese (cs) N/N August 8, 2018
Agouti A/A August 8, 2018
Chocolate N/N
Cinnamon N/N
Amber N/N

Faran lives since Okotber 2018 at Suzanne Versluis.




Faran was bought in co-ownership with cattery Of Kymaya's Place, cattery Adia's and our cattery. Faran will only be used within this collaboration.

After all the setbacks with our previous males, we had no room (emotional) within our family for a new male. So what to do now. Then the idea arose of a joint tomcat, a male in co-ownership :-) Together with Suzanne Versluis of cattery Of Kymaya's Place and Diana IJpelaar of cattery Adia's, we started looking for a male that fits all our 3 catteries. That quest was ultimately successful with Faran.

Faran is a black silver blotched (just like our Ice was), has a nice head and was a promises for the future (for which we will have to wait calmly and patiently ;-)).
In terms of pedigree a nice addition to our cats. Before his arrival in the Netherlands he was tested on blood group (A), PKDef (N/N), collor point (C/C) and Agouti (A/A, A/a was what we hoped for, but not a deal breaker). The other tests will follow when he is old enough. We hope Faran will shine some sunlight on our male ownerships again!

Faran is a lovely hugger, a clown and super athlete. Jumps from sitting just 1.5 meters into the air. He is doing well in the group at Suzanne.
We will follow his developments closely full of expectation.

In January 2020 Faran's first kittens (together with Lemon) were born. 4 beautiful kittens who are developing well. They are only 5.5 weeks now, so we enjoy them and watch how they develop further!
The combination with Selima and Blue also produced 4 beautiful kittens per litter. At our co-owners catteries Faran has also managed to "produce" 4 kittens per litter. Almost all litters 3 males 1 female, with 1 exception haha.

His daughters Berka's Bubbels (from Berka's Blue Aurora) and Berka's Harley Quinn (from Selima or Kymaya's Place) have stayed with us.

For more pictures of Faran, you can click here soon

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