Cattery Berka
We love the Siberian Cat


Berka's Mr. O'Malley


father: CH Erik z Veveří, CZ
mother: CH Shifra van 't Wieltje

he is red silver tabby shades (SIB ds 11) Click here for his pedigree.
born on April 27, 2009

He has been tested on:  
HCM, PKD and CIN Ultrasound
and checked for patella luxation by our vet

Both parents tested on HCM, PKD, CIN, FeLV, FIV
Grandpa and grandma mother's side both tested on: HCM, PKD, FeLV, FIV
Grandpa on father's side is tested on: HCM, FeLV, FIV en FIP,
Grandma on father's side is tested on: FeLV

Bloodtype A (N/N) (DNA)

color DNA: by blood
Dilution D/d
Burmese (cb) N/N
Siamese (cs) N/cs
Agouti A/a
Chocolade N/N
Cinnamon N/N

O'Malley was born here, and now lives with us again since April 22, 2015.

Mr. Berka's O'Malley, a male with a story. An shockingly situation and a gift at the same time!

As a kitten from the first litter of our Shifra and our Eric, he had already conquered our hearts. O'Malley was the one we would keep for ourselves.

When we had visitors for our kittens, they fell in love with our O'Malley. After long thinking we decided that it was better to place him as a pet. It was not wise to keep a son of Erik in the cattery in this early stage. So it happend.

Sadly it didn't quite went as agreed. The promised pictures failed to materialize. I tried to keep in contact, but no response. After a year I have called them again, we had a short friendly talk, and again there were promised photos. Again regrettably no pictures . But okay, so be it, it's a shame, but not an insuperable problem.

Then I got a call on April 7th 2015. Someone had found a cat that sat for days in the backyard. It looked bad. They caught him and took him to the vet. Because I always register the cat's chip in the database with our cattery name, the lady found me.

On what else is happening, I will not elaborate further here, but we can say that he was badly neglected and currently ill.

We immediately came in action. The vet (1,5 hours drive away from us) was willing to do some tests for us on O'Malley. First a body check, for broken bones etc. Then the intestines, heart, lungs. Than a FeLV and FIV test was done. There were no problems.
So he was neglected, very underfed, his teeth ware a mess, his fur was very dirty and full of tangles and he was ill. And although he was almost 6 years old, he was not neutered. The people we sold him to, said to the vet that they had given him away some time ago, but did not know any details :-(

We drove to the vet, paid the bills and took O'Malley to an animal shelter, where he stayed for two weeks in quarantine, with medication. After the two-week waiting period (the original owners can get him back in two weeks), we acquired him at the animal shelter. We paid for the quarantine, as was agreed in advance of his placement there.
At home he could recover further in our self-built by quarantine. He got his medication, we went to a dental specialist, who treated him and removed all of his teeth and molars. Even the ones who were hidden in his jaw.

All the time our own vet helped us. All the problems that have arisen through the neglect, we have taken care of!
About the cost, well, I could easily buy 3 Siberian cats. It should never have come this far, poor O'Malley.

(June 4th, 2015 as of this writing) Now it goes better, his weight is he not there yet, but every day he gains a bit weight and grows responsibly towards his actual weight. He is cheerful and, yes yes again a real tomcat, has is spraying merrily around (that's the only downside than ;-)) All other illnesses have disappeared.

And what is the present then, you will probably ask. Well, now our Erik is no longer with us, we now have a first generation offspring of him within our cattery.

For more pictures of O'Malley click here.