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In memory

For the Siberians who are no longer among us, but certainly not forgotten.



Berka's Spiky

A day in Spiky's life written by his loving family.

Happy greetings from Spiky every morning. Stretch and tighten his nails on the mat. The day can begin! Spiky meows to go outside, we open the hatch. He carefully goes outside and after a walk comes back in for his kibble. During the day he lies in the large wicker basket or purrs on our lap. Then he keeps an eye on things from under the conifers. He visits the neighbor's wooded garden where there is plenty to do. The sound of the pans lures Spiky in. He watches with interest to see what is to eat. He only gets some wet food. After his meal he begs to go out again, we pet him and tell him that that is not allowed. In the evening he lies with us or relax on his back.

Now Spiky has sadly passed away, struck down by FIP. Such a sweet beautiful cat with a spicy character. We miss him and all his habits. Spiky was part of our family.

Much strength with your loss Heerkens family, rest in peace Spiky.


Aphrodite van Typhon Blue (Jo-Jo)

7-11-2005 you came to our home and we had to say goodbye to you on Friday, November 8, 2019. Your official name is Aphrodite from Typhon Blue. Aphrodite stands for the goddess of fertility and we liked that for the first cat of our cattery. Yet from day 1 you went through life as Jo-Jo (you pronounce it as Djo-Djo) (a name from a series that we followed back then).

Our first Siberian, the start of our cattery, our beautiful crazy red, you are no more. You have taken everything out of life that is in it and you have used more than your 9 lives for it. You have left an indelible lead of memories, we will never forget you!

4.5 months ago Jo-Jo started to lose weight very quickly, we thought her kidneys were breaking down (because those kidneys had been hit hard years ago by medication against a fungal infection that came with the import of a hangover ). To measure is to know and then it turned out to be something else, her thyroid gland was the problem. With medication, the weight quickly improved, but the side effects of the medication were not pleasant. With antibiotics that is "solved", but it cannot be done forever.

Yet she still had a very nice period with real quality of life. Until Wednesday, November 6. Then the body indicated that it was enough. She also did not want to eat anymore. To save her an agony of a few days to a week, we put her to sleep at home.

A lot of grief and worry preceded this. After a very sad day and moments of goodbyes, it's time to cherish all the memories and remember her as she was in the prime of her life <3

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Berka's Pablo

Dear Pablo, handsome guy, here are the special words for you from your loving people.

Pablo passed away with great sorrow, child of Hopsa and Eric. During his short life of 9,5 years we have been able to enjoy our sweet, playful, cheerful, silly, friendly Pablo.
My daughter chose him, he always lived with me, but the only lap he chose was my son's. Whenever he came from school or work, Pablo was there to greet him. We miss our great friend, with his eternal chatter and always seeking our company.

The Rainbowbridge

By the edge of a woods, at the foot of a hill,
Is a lush, green meadow where time stands still.
Where the friends of man and woman do run,
When their time on earth is over and done.
For here, between this world and the next,
Is a place where each beloved creature finds rest.
On this golden land, they wait and they play,
Till the Rainbow Bridge they cross over one day.
No more do they suffer, in pain or in sadness,
For here they are whole, their lives filled with gladness.
Their limbs are restored, their health renewed,
Their bodies have healed, with strenght imbued.
They romp through the grass, without ever a care,
Untill one day they start, and sniff at the air.
All ears prick forward, eyes dart front and back,
Then all of a sudden, one breaks from the pack.
For just at that instant, their eyes have met;
Together again, both person and pet.
So they run to each other, these friends from long past,
The time of their parting is over at last.
The sadness they felt while they were apart,
Has turned into joy once more in each heart.
They embrace with a love that will last forever,
And then, side-by-side, they cross over….


Berka's female *, a Black silver tabby blotched with white female, born on May 30, 2018, she is one of the five from Sky and Zhavor's litter.

Unfortunately, your breathing immediately started ringing alarm bells. When you didn't hold the nipple properly, I was sure. And I looked into your mouth and saw indeed an open palate.

We had to put you to sleep 1.5 hours after you were born.

It's such a sad, dishonest, and powerless feeling when you've just seen a life born that you have to let it end for the kitten's sake. You save the kitten an agony, but it doesn't feel right!

Goodbye little purk, that you may enjoy your life wherever you are now


Berka's Pepper

Dear Pepper, our first kitten that got a new home within our cattery. A home where you were pampered. A home where two Siberians from our cattery went to live and where you could play, chill and foul around. 8.5 months ago your friend Banjer became seriously ill and you had to say goodbye to him. Later a new Siberian kitten moved in, but you were not allowed to enjoy it for long. You got sick too, and the medication helped a little, but not really. And in the end you deteriorated sharply. Letting go was the only option then.

Marian and Dennis to say goodbye again to another one of you dear ones after such a short time, what a sadness.


Berka's Kisa

Sky's "twin sister", they looked so much alike, was a cat who really wanted to go outside. At first only in the garden, but eventually she also continued to explore her surroundings. April 28 she did not come in and April 29 the fatal and sad news came that she had been hit by a car.
Kisa has been given a nice place in the garden.
Much strength with the loss Martijn, Emilie, Tamen and Bendt.


Berka's Mr. O'Malley

In December 2017, O'Malley fell ill. Despite all the vet visits and medication, it was not possible to get him back on track. Ultimately, on January 10, the difficult, sad but right choice was made and O'Malley no longer had to fight.

Despite being almost 9 years old, he had had a very eventful life, with his health very neglected by the first owners. That contributed greatly to his untimely end.

After he was found while he was ill and wander the streets, we drove 220 kilometer to bring him home. It took a year of tender love and care, vet and medicationwas to get him back on track. Then he moved to a loving family who have taken great care of him. In the last six months of his life he had also been joined by a young cat lady, with whom he got along very well.

Thank you Lex and Nathalie for your good care and love, so he was able to have a few more beautiful years!

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Berka's Black Pearl

After Pearl had contributed to the cattery of Michelle Nelson from Portland, Oregon (USA) she relocated in 2013 with Jackie Matthews and her husband.
They contacted in October 2017 to report that Pearl was not doing well, they had been to the vet and a tumor had been removed from her abdomen. Because there were other small pebble-like growths, a biopsy was taken. It was most likely peritoneal carcinomatosis (peritoneal cancer) of which the cause / origin could not be traced. With a lot of love and dedication they have also taken care of Pearl during the last period until she no longer wanted to eat. Then it was time to let her go.
Rest in peace beautiful dear Pearl.


Berka's Mister B. (Banjer)
Big tough handsome Banjer, the epitome of vitality and strength. After your annual MOT and vaccination you were not happy for a while, it seemed as if you were mourning after the loss of your human dad. After a few weeks it was noticed that it was as if you had problems with your back. Immediately your human mom took you to the vet. There, after several days and examinations, the terrible diagnosis was made that you could no longer be helped and the tough and courageous decision was made to let you go.

The words of Marian: unexpectedly we had to let go of our sweet cuddly 'bear' with great sorrow. Our dearest cat and buddy has also become a star in the sky after the loss of our other greatest love.

Dear Marian and Dennis, we send you lots of strenght for the sorrow and loss, Banjer had a fantastic life during the time he was with you.


Liridon's Ice Iz Primorskij

Very unexpectedly we had to say goodbye to our much too young sweet male Liridon.

What started in the afternoon of June 26, 2017 with an eye that was a bit dirty, such as with an inflammation (which you sometimes have with cats, especially if they have a scratch or something), ended in a true drama yesterday, July 5, 2017. .

A rollercoaster of emotions and decisions in less than 1.5 weeks ended in having to put our big guy to sleep. What exactly happened is still a mystery.

From a dirty eye, to an eye that looked like it had collapsed, to a process with a delayed eye operation, to an attack that looks like a cerebral infarction with another simular attac three kwart day later, in which he was paralyzed first on the left and then on both sides, is not a logical process.

We will have to wait until the entire autopsy has been completed, because there, too, no peculiarities were found with the naked eye at the initial findings. (All the results are now in and no explanation has been found. Unfortunately, we will have to agree to the conclusion that it must have been a combination of circumstances and we will never know exactly what caused it).

We are actually still confused about everything that has happened. And so sad about the injustice of what happened to him and the impotence that we could do nothing more. Having to let go and say goodbye, I was and am devastated.

Dear tough big man, you are terribly missed by humans and animals. I hope you can forgive us for not being able to do anything else for you and that you are now in a nice place.
You too will be in our hearts forever.

Update, we learned later that our neighbours had use snail poison. We think the combination of the medication he had for prepairing his eye for the operation combined with the snail poision has caused the attacks. Both can have inpact on the brain.

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Berka's male *, a Blue (silver) tabby male born on March 24, 2017, he is one of four out of Sky and Uki's litter.

Yesterday (when he was born) I was afraid that he had ingested some amniotic fluid, just like Butterfly from Lemon's nest. After I "sucked out" the fluid out of the kitten, the sound continued, but there were no bubbles. So I could only hope that it would resolve further.

This morning (25-04-2017) he had lost weight, so immediately checked again. Because he had lost so much weight in such a short time, I was afraid of a cleft palate, which also explains the sound as if he had choked. I had checked him after birht and could not see a cleft Palate, but unfortunately he had a very bad cleft palate. So bad he almost had no palate at all. That is why I missed it the first time.
At 11 o'clock at the vet it was confirmed again and we put him to sleep peacefully and painlessly. So sad. But that saved him a very unpleasant few days.

Rest in peace little man.


Berka's male *, a black silver tabby with white male born on November 21, 2015, he is one of two from Lemon's litter with O'Malley.

he was small at birth, only 64 grams. Lemon was a mother for the first time and did not really know how it all worked, she really had to learn how to take care of the kittens. Wash, keep warm, suckle and protect. Lemon was restless and continued to drag, and her clumsiness made her drop the kittens a lot. We have put in everything to calm this down, but without long-term success.

The day after birth and especially after two days he had a huge belly, probably because of the lack of stimulation by his mom so he could not relieve himself properly. Of course we also started to stimulate this extra from the beginning. Due to the weight he could not move very well anymore. With a lot of weight and little movement, the chest collapses somewhat, which in turn causes breathing problems, and costs a lot of energy. There are risks of exhaustion and choking. You need to drink more to get the extra energy and so on. If you also fall out of your mother's mouth every day, that is not beneficial. From Saturday to Sunday I saw the change, he had choked, immediately arranged antibiotics, and started administering, in addition we already gave extra milk ourselves. Monday morning I saw improvement and had an appointment with the vet again before noon. Around 11 o'clock in the morning, he suddenly lies outside the run. Lemon had tried to climb over the edge between the mesh and the plexiglass, but dropped the kitten again. We had not put pillows or blankets outside the run. So he fell hard. Probably it went wrong there.
I put him back in the run with his sister, and half an hour later he wanted to drink. I help latch on, keept Lemon calm by stroking her, and I stimulated the milk flow. While he was busy looking for the nipple it suddenly went wrong, he started gasping for breath and within 1.5 minutes he died.

Rest in peace sweet, handsome and brave little man.


Berka's Eveshka

During our holiday we received the sad news that Eveshka was killed through a collision. Eveshka was a true Houdinie, like her mother, so it was very difficult to keep her within the fenced garden. She was a cat who wanted more space.

Dear Demis and Chaiyenne, much strength with the loss of your dear vice. Demis I know how hard you have worked to keep her in the garden, used and tryed all kinds of cat-proved fence material. It is unfortunate that she has come to the end of her live this way, but she must have enjoyed the walk that she was making. Cherish the beautiful memories, like she does now from a distance.

a beautiful paw print of Eveshka, this was placed on the card by the crematorium
(both pictures are from Demis Doffer)



Lord of the Ice Siburcat

We are so sad and devastated that we had to say goodbye to our dear Ice. Ice got during the PKD research the diagnosis CIN and lymphoma cancer. Found during the ultrasound and confirmed by a biopsy. And all that on his first birthday.

No words to discribe this lost, this lost of such a young and promising live. And for us again cancer. To have to euthanize 2 sweet guys in 4 month, it is to much :-(

Now we take the time, to try giving it a place in our mind en heart and dwell on the good memories, so that the warmly place in our hearts will stay filled with beautiful and sweet memories of Ice.

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Ch. Erik z Veveří, CZ

With deep sadness we had to decide to euthanize our Erik.
Erik has had problems with the right side of his nose for about six months long. After several examinations and treatment, it was during the endoscopy that they found a poplar seed in his right nostril, and a big clot of snot behind. Glad to have found the cause, we are going to treat the inflammation that remained after cleaning the nostril/nasal passage.

But Erik responded temporarily to the treatment and after a while the symptoms came back. After further treatments, examinations, consultations with specialists, etc. we ended at the MDC in Amsterdam. There he got his last (thirth on in total) endoscopy and he got the terrible diagnosis malignant lymphoma. A biopsy confirmed what was seen with the endoscopy.

What probably happened is that due to the prolonged inflammation in Erik's nose (due to the seed that was stuck there), there arised faulty cells, who became the basis for the tumor.
Since Erik was already treated with a long time with prednisone, the chance Chemo therapy would work was even smaller. Erik's health deteriorated in the last two weeks so quick, we decided, in consultation with our vet, it was time to let Erik go, so he no longer had to fight.

For his "old" page and information please click here


Berka's boy, a black silver tabby male born on the 13th of September 2011, he was on of the five form the litter of Hopsa and Erik. Great was our grief when early in the morning we found a boy fighting for his life. After two hours he was past away. Aautopsy revealed that his stomach was torn with all its consequences. So he had a lot of bad luck when after good drinking, mother (or perhaps one of the other cats) had stand or lie on top of him. You hear it more often, you know it can happen. But it sucks when it happens.

autumn 2010


Simba was born on August 18, 2008, he was one of the three from the half-breed litter of Jo-Jo. Unfortunately he had no luck at one of his hunting trips and was hit by a car.

Simba was a sweet, happy and sometimes mischievous former male who was mad on hunting, he caught a lot of animals ..... pigeon, birds, mice (which he totally ate).
He was also crazy about the dogs, if the dogs went for their walk, he usually walks with them on their way back home, he had a lot of fun! Along the way he gave the dogs a nod with his head if possible.

He will be missed by the entire family both animals and humans.


Berka's female kitten, a black silver tabby kitten born on May 7, 2010, she is one of seven from the litter of Hopsa and Erik. Unfortunately she had a cleft palate and therefore deceased on May 9. The red spot on her hindleg is nail polish for marking.


Berka's boy, a black smoke boy born on February 11, 2009, he was one of three from the litter of Hopsa and Erik. The little guy tried his best. The first week he grew well, then it went wrong and he began to lose weight. All the effort we and he had done, did not help, unfortunately he lost his lives on February 22.

Our kittens get their names from their new owner, because they are usually quickly linked to their new owner. That is the reason that the smallest on this page have no name.