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In memory

For the Siberians who are no longer among us, but certainly not forgotten.


Berka's Eveshka

During our holiday we received the sad news that Eveshka was killed through a collision. Eveshka was a true Houdinie, like her mother, so it was very difficult to keep her within the fenced garden. She was a cat who wanted more space.

Dear Demis and Chaiyenne, much strength with the loss of your dear vice. Demis I know how hard you have worked to keep her in the garden, used and tryed all kinds of cat-proved fence material. It is unfortunate that she has come to the end of her live this way, but she must have enjoyed the walk that she was making. Cherish the beautiful memories, like she does now from a distance.

a beautiful paw print of Eveshka, this was placed on the card by the crematorium
(both pictures are from Demis Doffer)



Lord of the Ice Siburcat

We are so sad and devastated that we had to say goodbye to our dear Ice. Ice got during the PKD research the diagnosis CIN and lymphoma cancer. Found during the ultrasound and confirmed by a biopsy. And all that on his first birthday.

No words to discribe this lost, this lost of such a young and promising live. And for us again cancer. To have to euthanize 2 sweet guys in 4 month, it is to much :-(

Now we take the time, to try giving it a place in our mind en heart and dwell on the good memories, so that the warmly place in our hearts will stay filled with beautiful and sweet memories of Ice.

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Ch. Erik z Veveří, CZ

With deep sadness we had to decide to euthanize our Erik.
Erik has had problems with the right side of his nose for about six months long. After several examinations and treatment, it was during the endoscopy that they found a poplar seed in his right nostril, and a big clot of snot behind. Glad to have found the cause, we are going to treat the inflammation that remained after cleaning the nostril/nasal passage.

But Erik responded temporarily to the treatment and after a while the symptoms came back. After further treatments, examinations, consultations with specialists, etc. we ended at the MDC in Amsterdam. There he got his last (thirth on in total) endoscopy and he got the terrible diagnosis malignant lymphoma. A biopsy confirmed what was seen with the endoscopy.

What probably happened is that due to the prolonged inflammation in Erik's nose (due to the seed that was stuck there), there arised faulty cells, who became the basis for the tumor.
Since Erik was already treated with a long time with prednisone, the chance Chemo therapy would work was even smaller. Erik's health deteriorated in the last two weeks so quick, we decided, in consultation with our vet, it was time to let Erik go, so he no longer had to fight.

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Berka's boy, a black silver tabby male born on the 13th of September 2011, he was on of the five form the litter of Hopsa and Erik. Great was our grief when early in the morning we found a boy fighting for his life. After two hours he was past away. Aautopsy revealed that his stomach was torn with all its consequences. So he had a lot of bad luck when after good drinking, mother (or perhaps one of the other cats) had stand or lie on top of him. You hear it more often, you know it can happen. But it sucks when it happens.

autumn 2010


Simba was born on August 18, 2008, he was one of the three from the half-breed litter of Jo-Jo. Unfortunately he had no luck at one of his hunting trips and was hit by a car.

Simba was a sweet, happy and sometimes mischievous former male who was mad on hunting, he caught a lot of animals ..... pigeon, birds, mice (which he totally ate).
He was also crazy about the dogs, if the dogs went for their walk, he usually walks with them on their way back home, he had a lot of fun! Along the way he gave the dogs a nod with his head if possible.

He will be missed by the entire family both animals and humans.


Berka's female kitten, a black silver tabby kitten born on May 7, 2010, she is one of seven from the litter of Hopsa and Erik. Unfortunately she had a cleft palate and therefore deceased on May 9. The red spot on her hindleg is nail polish for marking.


Berka's boy, a black smoke boy born on February 11, 2009, he was one of three from the litter of Hopsa and Erik. The little guy tried his best. The first week he grew well, then it went wrong and he began to lose weight. All the effort we and he had done, did not help, unfortunately he lost his lives on February 22.

Our kittens get their names from their new owner, because they are usually quickly linked to their new owner. That is the reason that the smallest on this page have no name.