Cattery Berka
We love the Siberian Cat


Photo's fourth litter, kittens Hopsa, by the new owners (litter 11-02-2009)

The photo's below are from the new owners.

Berka's Asimov

10-05-2009, his first day in Sweden  
Asimov has found a warm place in the heart of Eva. relaxing on a soft bed, what more do you want
31-07-2009 5 1/2 month old and already so beautiful 31-07-2009
31-07-2009 31-07-2009
31-07-2009 31-07-2009

Berka's Pablo

12-05-2009 Pablo is already very at ease and explores his new surroundings
03-06-2009 03-06-2009
Pablo and his BIG friend 01-03-2010 Same dog, same cat, nine months later!
01-03-2010 one years old 01-03-2010 you can see that Pablo knows how to use the couch
01-03-2010 nice and easy