Cattery Berka
We love the Siberian Cat


Photo's fourth litter

Below is a summary of the pictures of our litter born on 11-02-2009.

Mother is Ch. Hopsa Duma Cara*PL
Father is Ch. Erik z Veveří, CZ.

Both parents are tested for: HCM, PKD, FeLV, FIV and Patella luxation.

The litter consists of 3 males : Click here for the pedigree of the kittens.

colour Black smoke
his name is Berka's
birth weight: 132 gram
He now lives with Tamara Engelbregt and her family in Zierikzee

colour Black smoke
his name is Berka's
birth weight: 134 gram
He now lives with Eva Eriksson in Sweden.

male 1
colour Black smoke
birth weight: 104 gram

Unfortunately he is deceased on February 22.


11-02-2009, the first photo's
3 in a row, you have to look very good to see all three.
male 1
Pablo Asimov
14-02-2009 Asimov, Pablo, male 1 21-02-2009 male 1
Pablo Asimov
26-02-2009 Pablo 26-02-2009 Asimov
2-03-2009 Pablo, Asimov 7-03-2009 Asimov, Pablo
17-03-2009 Pablo 17-03-2009 Asimov
18-03-2009 Pablo 24-03-2009 Asimov
31-03-2009 Pablo 31-03-2009 Asimov
6-04-2009 Pablo, Asimov 11-04-2009 Asimov
11-04-2009 Pablo 13-04-2009 Asimov, Pablo
22-04-2009 Pablo on top, Asimov right 23-04-2009 Pablo, Asimov
3-05-2009 Pablo 3-05-2009 Asimov
7-05-2009 Pablo 7-05-2009 Asimov
8-05-2009 Asimov on top, Pablo left 8-05-2009 Pablo


For pictures of the kittens by their new owners, click here