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Photo's tenth litter

Below is a summary of the pictures of our litter born on 10-07-2013.

Mother is Ch. Hopsa Duma Cara*PL
Father is Ch. Erik z Veveří, CZ.

Both parents are tested for: HCM, PKD, CIN, FeLV, FIV and Patella luxation.

The litter consists of 1 male en 3 females: Click here for the pedigree of the kittens.

Photo name gender color

birth weight

time of birth

Berka's Lola
She moved to Nick and Chantal in Dordrecht, and to her new friend Berka's Simba.


black silver tabby spotted 101 gram 20:24

Berka's Kiska
She moved to Sander and Linetta in Soest, and her new Britisch shorthair friend.

female black with white 93 gram 20:40

Berka's Quintana (call name Quintie)
Quintana means fifth girl, and that is what she would be in our cattery :-) Stayd with us for almost two years, now she lives wiht family Bultman in Nunspeet, with Berka's Pepper and Berka's Mr. B (Banjer)

female black smoke 107 gram 21:48

Berka's Querido Pepper (call name Pepper)
he moved to family Spijkstra in Huizen, and his new Siberian friend Chico.

male black silver tabby spotted 101 gram 22:17


10-07-2013 day of birth 12-07-2013 drinking warm milk :-)
Lola Kiska
Quintie Pepper
Lola Kiska
Quintie Pepper
28-07-2013 from front to back Quintana, Lola, Pepper and Kiska 31-07-2013 moved to the bigger kitten space
01-08-2013 our two guard dogs 01-08-2013 left Lola, Kiska, Pepper and Quintana.
Lola Kiska
Quintie Pepper
Lola Kiska
Quintie Pepper


soaked kibble and milk f.l.t.r. Pepper, Quintana, Kiska, Lola


Lola Kiska
Quintie Pepper
Lola, with Nemesis Kiska
Quintie Pepper
Lola Kiska
Quintie Pepper
Lola Kiska
Quintie Pepper
04-10-2013 Lola 04-10-2013 Lola
08-10-2013 a yawn joke, Quintie Kiska
and Pepper, hi hi Quintie, Kiska and Pepper
Quintie, Kiska and Pepper Kiska and Pepper
Kiska mom Hopsa

For pictures of the kittens by their new owners, click here