Cattery Berka
We love the Siberian Cat


Photo's first litter

Below is a summary of the pictures of our litter born on 28-02-2007.

Mother is Aphrodite van Typhon Blue
Father is Artur Sibirskoye Chudo.

Both parents are tested for: HCM, PKD, FeLV and FIV.

The litter consists of 3 males and 1 female: Click here for the pedigree of the kittens.

colour Red tabby Mackerel
his name is Berka's
Mister Machello
birth weight: 113 gram
He now lives with cattery Amydoll.

colour Red Silver tabby Mackerel
his name is Berka's Pepper

birth weight: 99 gram
He now lives with the family Heemskerk.

colour Red tabby Mackerel with White
his name is Berka's
birth weight: 126 gram
He now lives with the family Eekhof.

colour Blue Tortie Smoke with White
her name is Berka's
birth weight: 102 gram
she now lives with the family Van der Heiden.


Just born, the last two (left and right) are still wet, f.l.t.r. Danïll, Machello, Pepper and Beertje The tenth day, see if we can come out of the knot.

The eleventh day

The third week (March 16, 2007), Machello top left, top right Danïll, the bottom left Beertje, bottom right Pepper

Fourth week, Pepper upper left, upper right Danïll, Machello lower right, left Beertje Fourth week, and ready for the photo!
left Beertje than Danïll, right Machello

Fifth week, good drinks with Mom, even though we eat meat and dry food

Sixth week, they all four are well toilet trained (they go on the small and large cat litter) they eat dry food and meat, and drink alongside the milk of moms also water.

Seventh week, what is that? Machello Eighth week, all males together, taking a nap.

Eighth week so mother like daughter Eighth week, Pepper

Ninth week, Machello left behind, right behind Beertje, left Danïll who lies on Pepper. And it still fits together on a pole, all hangs here and there a bit overboard.

Tenth week, Pepper playing with a plastic waft

Tenth week, Machello Tenth week, you can see he is growing significantly, he is a thin and "gangling" at the moment (Danïll)

Eleventh week, Beertje lies nice on the couch Eleventh week, three little toddlers who sat on a ..........

Week twelve, Machello Week twelve , Danïll

For pictures of the kittens by their new owners, click here