Cattery Berka
We love the Siberian Cat


Kittens fifth litter

Below is a summary of the pictures of our litter born on 27-04-2009.

Mother is Ch. Shifra van t Wieltje
Father is Ch. Erik z Veveří, CZ.

Both parents are tested for: HCM, PKD, FeLV, FIV and Patella luxation.

The litter consists of 4 males and 1 female: Click here for the pedigree of the kittens.

Photo name gender colour

birth weight

time of birth

Berka's Bo-Jangles
He now lives with the family Schrijn in Zeewolde
with Berka's Shyloh (from Hopsa, see litter 2).
male red smoke

92 gram


Berka's O'Malley
He now lives with the family Kardienaal in Dordrecht.


crème smoke

102 gram


Berka's Billy
He now lives with Debbie in Hilversum.


red silver tabby mackerel

85 gram


Berka's Delylah
She now lives with the family Kemp in Lelystad with Berka's Bolt (from Jo-Jo litter 6).


black tortie smoke

87 gram


Berka's Bailey's
He now lives with the family Driessen in Den Haag.


crème smoke

74 gram




27-04-2009 Berka's Bo-Jangles 27-04-2009 Berka's O'Malley
27-04-2009 Berka's Billy 27-04-2009 Berka's Delylah

27-04-2009 a few hours later. I already had felt that there could still be a kitten inside, and yes, I had cleaned the litterbox a bit to soon, ha ha.

27-04-2009 Berka's Bailey's
27-04-2009 cosy with Mom 27-04-2009 a colorful bunch together
28-04-2009 f.l.t.r. Billy, Delylah, Bo Jangles, O'Malley and Bailey's. 1-05-2009 f.l.t.r.. Bo-Jangles, Delylah, O'Malley, Billy and Bailey's
10-05-2009 Bo-Jangles 10-05-2009 O'Malley
10-05-2009 Billy 10-05-2009 Delylah
10-05-2009 Bailey's 10-05-2009 Billy and Delylah

13-05-2009 Bailey's, Bo-Jangles, Billy, Delylah and O'Malley 15-05-2009 Billy, Bailey's, Bo-Jangles, Delylah and O'Malley
19-05-2009 Bo-Jangles 19-05-2009 O'Malley
19-05-2009 Billy 19-05-2009 Delylah
19-05-2009 Bailey's 20-05-2009
27-05-2009, after much fit, measuring, sawing and hammering it finally succeeded. The new kitten room for two litters Hopsa is also there, to look with her expertise and to teach and guide the kittens (in her way).
all kittens together, a total of 9 28-05-2009 Bailey's on the litter box
28-05-2009 O'Malley also on the litter box and Bo-Jangles in front 31-05-2009 Delylah
3-06-2009 Bo-Jangles 3-06-2009 O'Malley
3-06-2009 Billy 3-06-2009 Delylah
3-06-2009 Bailey's Bailey's, O'Malley and Bo-Jangles
6-06-2009 Delylah and Bailey's 6-06-2009 Billy and Bailey's
11-06-2009 A full house, top left O'Malley, left Delylah, then Billy, Bo Jangles is lieing with his head on Baley and back in the middle is Shiva of Jo-Jo. 11-06-2009 Billy
17-06-2009 Bo-Jangles 17-06-2009 O'Malley
17-06-2009 Billy 17-06-2009 Delylah
17-06-2009 Bailey's 21-06-2009 Bo-Jangles
21-06-2009 O'Malley 21-06-2009 Billy
21-06-2009 Delylah 21-06-2009 Bailey's
28-06-2009 Bo-Jangles 28-06-2009 O'Malley
28-06-2009 Delylah and Billy 28-06-2009 Bailey's
4-07-2009 Bo-Jangles 4-07-2009 O'Malley in the tent
4-07-2009 Billy 4-07-2009 Delylah
4-07-2009 Bailey's 7-07-2009 Delyla
7-07-2009 O'Malley 11-07-2009 they are all eating meat in the garden
12-0-2009 Delylah, Bo-Jangles, Bailey's, Billy Delylah, O'Malley, Bailey's, Billy
14-07-2009 Bo-Jangles 14-07-2009 Bailey's
14-07-2009 Delylah 20-07-2009 O'Malley
20-07-2009 Billy 20-07-2009 Bo-Jangles
21-07-2009 Delylah 21-07-2009 O'Malley
23-07-2009 Billy 24-07-2009 8 kittens, Bo-Jangles is moved.
28-07-2009 Billy 28-07-2009 Bailey's
28-07-2009 Delylah 31-07-2009 Bailey's
31-07-2009 Billy 3-08-2009 Delylah and Billy

For pictures of the kittens by their new owners click here