Cattery Berka
We love the Siberian Cat


Kittens eleventh litter

Below is a summary of the pictures of our litter born on 23-08-2013.

Mother is Ch. Shifra van t Wieltje
Father is Ch. Erik z Veveří, CZ.

Both parents are tested for: HCM, PKD, CIN, FeLV, FIV and Patella luxation.

The litter consists of 1 male and 3 females: Click here for the pedigree of the kittens.

Photo name gender color

birth weight

time of birth

Berka's Kenzie
She now lives with Rowan and Rob in Utrecht.


Blue silver tabby 98 gram 19:32

Berka's Mr. Bono
He now lives with the family Timmermans in Almere, with Berka's Miss Jagger (from Hopsa, see litter nine)

male Red silver tabby mackerel 98 gram 20:46

Berka's Zina
She now lives with Frank and Renée in Zaandam, with her new Siberian friend.

female Black tabby 99 gram 21:00

Berka's Sera
She now lives with Freek and Sanne in Utrecht, with her new British Shorthair friend.

female black silver tortie tabby 79 gram 21:37


23-08-2013 f.l.t.r. (from left to right) hidden under Shifra's leg Sera, then Bono, Zina and Kenzie f.l.t.r. Sera, then Bono (under Sera), Zina and Kenzie
Kenzie Bono
Zina Sera

04-09-2013 It is warm outside, so we made the pictures outside (very quick)

Kenzie Bono

Zina Sera
Kenzie Bono
Zina Sera
Kenzie Bono
Bono en Zina Sera
20-09-2013 Bono on top, at the right Sera, left side Zina 20-09-2013 checking out the litter box, Kenzie and Bono
Kenzie Zina
Bono Sera
left Pepper (kitten from Hopsa), right Zina

Bono with a leaf and Zina with Quintie (kitten from Hopsa)

28-09-2013 eating meat 04-10-2013 Sera
Bono, Sera and Zina Kenzie with mom
f.l.t.r. Kenzie, Zina, Bono and Sera top view
Kenzie Bono
Zina Sera
Kenzie Bono
Zina Sera
Sera, Kenzie, Bono and Zina Sera, Kenzie, Bono and Zina
enough is enough I am leaving is what Zina must had been thinking
Kenzie and Sera Bono
Zina and daddy Erik Sera
Kenzie Sera and Bono
Kenzie Kenzie
Bono Bono
Zina Zina


For pictures of the kittens by their new owners, click here