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Kittens thirteenth litter

The kittens of Shifra and Dimitrov are born September 18, 2015.

Mother is Ch. Shifra van 't Wieltje,
Siberian cat, black torti smoke
tested: HCM, PKD, CIN, FeLV and FIV

Father is Dimitrov of Kymaya's Place
Siberian cat, Black smoke with white
tested: HCM, PKD, CIN, PKDef, is from FeLV and FIV tested parents and born in their own cattery


There are 2 males and 2 females in this litter: Klick here for the pedigree from the kittens

The numbers stand for the order of birth, until they have their official names given to them by us or by their future owner (depends how fast they have a future owner).

photo name sex color (with reservation)

birth weight

time of birth

Berka's Jinxy



Creme smoke with white 78 gram 01:57 hours

Berka's Kisa


female Blue (smoke) 93 gram 02:08 hours

Berka's Blue Sky


female Blue (smoke) 75 gram 04:08 hours

Berka's Smolli

male Red (smoke) with white 82 gram 04:22 hours

AVAILABLE means that this kitten is still available
OPTION means that someone is interested, but the first visit has not yet taken place, so there is nothing definitely decided.
RESERVED means that the decision has been made and the kitten has found a new home.

General information about the kittens, such as conditions and price you will find on the page Kittens or General

Photo's of the litter of Shifra and Dimitrov

Below you see the weeks indicated.
Per week you find a summary of the photograph of the litter.
The red weeks are provide with photograph.

* week 1 * week 5 * week 9 * 13de week 13 and older
* week 2 * week 6 * week 10  
* week 3 * week 7 * week 11  
* week 4 * week 8 * week 12